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The average voice pitch adjuster®

Why average voice pitch?

The average voice pitch adjuster can help you to use technology that doesn't understand you. Voice recognition software and artificial intelligence assistants have a problem with understanding higher pitched voices, which mostly affects women. Female voices are less likely to be accurately processed, because these programs are trained on datasets in which women are underrepresented (Perez, 2019). Google’s speech-recognition software, for example, is significantly more likely to accurately transcribe male speech, compared to female speech (Tatman, 2020). A similar pattern has been found in voice recognition software used to automatically score clinical trials, to select job applicants and for the voice command system in cars (The Guardian, 2019; Tatman, 2017). The average voice pitch adjuster is here to help! The instant voice adjusting system assists you when using voice command systems, artificial inelegance assistants, dictation software and much more.

Exclusion of user groups

The average voice pitch adjuster is a fictional product that criticizes the way in which design can exclude users, because of the associations and assumptions of designers which are reflected in final product. When products exclude users based on differences in gender or sex, these products represent a gender bias.

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