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The average parent breasted sweater®

Why average parent?

Are you not taken seriously as an involved parent, because you don’t look female enough? The average parent breasted sweater is here to help when you need to become a little more female. For example, when you want to go out with your baby, looking more maternal can be helpful. When a father goes out with his baby it can be hard to find a place to change the diaper of the child, since changing tables are often only available inside the women’s toilets. Only recently did it become the law to In New York to provide changing tables in the men’s toilet, but this is not yet common practice outside of New York (RTL-nieuws, 2020).

Exclusion of user groups

The average parent breasted sweater is a fictional product that criticizes the way in which design can exclude users. In this case exclusion happens because of the gender stereotypes and expectations that are represented in the design, which are not matching with the actual behaviour and believes of the users. When products exclude users based on differences in gender or sex, these products represent a gender bias. The average parent breasted sweater addresses gender biases caused by designing for outdated gender stereotypes.

💼 Project by Maartje van Proosdij
🌎 Website by Oscar Verbeek