Interesting tools, content, and companies to help you understand gender bias and to see examples of how it is already being taken into consideration.

Interesting tools

  • Microsoft's Inclusive Design Guide
  • Handbook for Gender-Inclusive Urban Planning and Design
  • Stanford's gender in design website explores the role of gender and sex in design illustrated by examples and case studies.
  • Stanford's Gendered Innovations website provides extensive information on the role of gender and sex in science, health and medicine, engineering and environment. This website also provides case studies and guidelines.
  • Inholland’s Inclusive Tourism Lab provides guidance for inclusive design.
  • TU Delft’s DINED provides designers with anthropometric data, that they can use to design inclusive products.

Inspiring content on gender bias and inclusive design

  • An episode on gender bias by the 99% Invisible podcast
  • MTV did a campaign to bring awareness to gender bias
  • This article of NPO disciusses how to recognize your preconceptions
  • A BBC videoseries that discusses the effects of gender stereotyping on children. Episode 1 and Episode 2
  • This website about an exhibition in the 'Tropen Museum' in Amsterdam, which discusses the meaning of gender.

Companies that already did projects with gender in mind

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