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The become average height shoes®

Why average height?

The become average height shoe can help you to use design that doesn’t fit with your body, for example when you struggle to reach the top shelf in the supermarket, because the shelf height was based on the reference man model (Perez, 2019). Or, when you struggle to fly a plane because both defence and civilian cockpits have traditionally been designed with specifications based on the measurements of the average male body. This resulted in a cockpit design physically discriminated against the majority of women and smaller statured men. (Weber, 1997: Schiebinger at all, 2011-2018). Even when you want to be safer during a car crash, adjusting your body length is useful. Car safety is tested with crash test dummies based on a p50 white male. Due to the differences in size and physique of men and women, a woman is 71% more likely to be injured and 17% more likely to die (Perez, 2019). Men that are deviating from the standard, are of course in more danger too.

Non-inclusive standards

The become average height shoe is a fictional product that criticizes non-inclusive standards that are used to design products. When products exclude users based on differences in gender or sex, these products represent a gender bias. The become average height shoe addresses gender bias through decisions based on size.

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