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The average finger size extenders®

Why average sized fingers?

The average finger size finger extenders can help you to use products that are not designed for your size hands. Many products are designed around the average male hand size. These products, that are meant to work for a large group of people seem to systematically exclude people with small hands. The average finger size finger extenders are here to help!

Do you want to be able to use your large phone one handed, but your below average hands can’t reach all the buttons? The most common smartphones don’t fit the average women’s hands (or pockets), because they are designed for the average male hand size. The average woman is unable to use their phone one handed, reducing the functionality of the device (Perez, 2019). The average finger size finger extenders can solve the problem.

When you want to become a pianist, longer fingers can be of help too. The ergonomics of the current standard piano keyboard disadvantages people with smaller handspan. 87% of adult female pianists and 24% of adult male pianists have smaller hands than the keyboard is designed suited for. They are more likely to suffer pain and injury when playing the instrument. A significant amount of the more advanced piano repertoire is even physically impossible to play for this group (Boyle, Boyle, & Booker, 2015).

Non inclusive standards

The average finger size extenders are a fictional product that criticizes non-inclusive standards that are used to design products. When products exclude users based on differences in gender or sex, these products represent a gender bias. The average finger size finger extenders address gender biases resulting from decisions based on hand size.

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